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Dec 2014 Club Build Projects
Shop & Swap Racks
Big Bird Fly In
Scale & Warbirds
Model Aircraft Show
Toledo Show 2014
Jun 2013 Big Bird 2012
All Star 60 Club Project Tips,Tools,Gizmos,Gadgets
Learning to Use Flaps
DNR-Recreation 101
Mar 2012 Stick Project 2011 Tips,Tools,Gizmos,Gadgets
Motor City Muscle
Nose Heavy Flies Poorly
Exhaust Adapter-Make One
Rehab for Models
July 2012 Toledo Show 2012
Spring Field Opening
RCCD Mini-Toledo
Model Airplane Show
Jun 2011 Model Aircraft Show
Toledo Show 2011
Kid’s’ Night
Tuning Your Engine
Scale Fly-In
Oct 2011 Big Bird Fly In
Swap & Repair-CAP 232
The Inevitable Crashes
Stick Project Intro
Feb 2010
SPAD- the Rest of the Story
SPAD & Selfridge Museum
Winter Flying
Flying at the Arena
Castle Creations-ICE Eval
2010 Schedule of Events
Apr 2010 Meanderings
Kid’s Night-June 2009
Kid’s Night-Aug. 2009
Event Fliers
2010 Schedule of Events
June 2010 Watts Over Wetzel...WOW
More-Watts Over Wetzel
Toledo Show 2010
RCCD-Mini Toledo 2010
Understanding Deans
Dec 2010
RCCD/EAA-Ch.13 Fly-In
More-RCCD/EAA-Ch.13 Fly
EAA perspective on Fly-In
Big Bird 2010 Fly In
Thoughts on Safety
“Old Timers” 1/2A Texaco
May 2009
The Toledo Show 2009
RCCD Mini-Toledo 2009
Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter
Ground School-RCCD
Post Flight Check up
Four Stroke Rally-2008
Hawks GeeBee-swap
Nov 2009

EAA-RCCD Fly-in 2009
Electric Fly-in 2009
Big Bird Fly-in 2009
2x2 Rally 2009
Pilot Figures
Four Stroke Rally
Safety on the Flight Line


Jan 2008

Transporting Your Models
Airplane Cradle
Aviation Day-Scouts
Safety-Battery Packs
E to G Conversion
Kid’s Day-Sept. 6th
Turning Point Letter
Shipping Models
Scale Fly-In...Skymasters
The Inevitable
RCCD Swap Flier
Blind Nut Installer

May 2008

Rack & Stack’n Models…
4-Stroke Rally 2007……...
Big Bird/Little Bird 2007….
Scale Fly In 2007……….
Mall Show 2008………..
Secure Exhaust Deflector..
Who’s Counting…………..
Waco in Living Room…..…
Fliers-Combat May/Aug….
Fliers-Scale, Control Line…..
Fliers-4 Stroke, Big Bird

Nov 2008

Big Bird Fly In 2008
Russian “Bear” -a peek
Electric Fly-In Event 2008
Kids Night June 12, ‘08
Scale Fly In 2008
Rise for the Anthem
Youngest RCCD member
Winter Indoor Flying

April 2007

Mall Show (2006)-a peek 1
Toledo Show 2006
Ground School
Kid’s Nights
Scale Fly In-2006
After the Swap Meet deal
After the eBay deal
Scale Fly In-2006 (cont.)

Oct 2007

SPAD build at Selfridge 1
Combat Challenge
Kids’ Night
Ground School-Engine Clinic
RCCD-Field Rules
Ground School-Mold Building


March 2006

Featured Shop
…...Dave Turner
Top Ten Reasons
Round & Round
Computer Radios-safety
Shop Feature-Dave’s Wing
.........& Fuse Rack
Custom Retracts-Turner
Racks-W&F Revisited
Swap Shop
New Years Day DieHards

Dec 2006

Musings-Swap Junkie 1,
Newsletter Meanderings
Round & Round
Kid’s Night June 13, 2006
Kid’s Night Aug. 22, 2006
Electric Fly In
Ground Schools
D-VII Fly-In July 29 & 30


March 2005

Features Shop
.........Don Veres
Round & Round
Building with Foam
Shop Solution - Rat Trap
.............& Charging Station
Build Night
2005 Swap Meet
Mall Show

June 2005

Featured Shop
…...Russell Hope
Tribute to a Modeler
Round & Round
“Another Chance”
.......-Plane/Motor Revitalized
Shop Solutions-Holder
Shop Feature-The Carrier
Kid’s Night by P. Garceau
Control Line Contest 10
Combat Meet
Field Clean Up

Sep 2005

Featured Shop
…...Team Gilkey
Combat Challenges
Round & Round
Impressions of a Pattern
........Contest Rookie
Crash & Burn-
.......The Inevitable
Dec 2005 Featured Shop
…...Mariano Alfafara
Round & Round
Shop Features
Cowling Solution
A “Phoenix” -Rise & Fall
Basics of Electricity
Christmas Party
Big Bird peek
Swap Meet Flier

April 2004

Featured Shop
…...Lou Tisch
Email vs USPS
Shop Feature
Ground & Flight School
Hints & Kinks
Safety Spot
The Tangled Web
The Mall Show
Seminars & Speakers
Members Help
Round & Round-C/L
Swap Meet
The Combat Corner

Sep 2004

Featured Shop
…...Ernie Varilone’s
......Hobby Den
Round & Round
Control Line Fly In
Big Bird Fly In
Shop Feature
Quick Look at ARFs
Brodak Fly In 2004
Kid’s Day 2004

Dec 2004

Featured Shop
…...Willy McMath’s Model World
Round & Round
Web & Ground School &
Roster info
Scale Event
Shop Feature-motor mt.
ELT-home made
Christmas Party 2004