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Tips and Hints

This is a page dedicated to all the tips, hints, and good ideas that members send in. The ideas can
range from a good way to apply MonoKote to a new way to attach a tail wheel. Anything you like!

So lets hear them! Send me all your great ideas. Write-ups submitted either in an e-mail or on a disk
are preferred. MS Word or PDF files for text and .jpg files for pictures. If the idea is done the old-fashioned
way (pen and paper) let me know. I can probably work something out.

More Detailed How To's
Calculators, Lists, etc.

1.1: Mixing epoxy on CDs

2.1: A really good article on CA-type hinge installation on RC Universe

3.1a: Link to a CG calculator (bipe's too)
3 tabs in this Excel File. (You will need Microsoft Excel.)
- Monoplane CG - Monoplane MAC - Biplane CG
I would like to give credit to the authour but I can't find the link from which this file came.

3.1b: A CG calculator using geometry
From Model Airplane News.

1.2: Finger drills

2.2: Converting a PC power supply for powering battery chargers
2.2.1: A project improvement
3.2: Wing Cube Loading Calculator
Concept described on Fly RC

1.3: MonoKote grippers

2.3: Presentation from Ground School on Aerodynamics
Open as read only using the '09 lock combination
3.3: Card for Sportsman's pattern sequence.

1.4: Discarding old Xacto blades

2.4: ThunderPower's recommendation for disposal of old LiPo batteries. 3.4: Spreadsheet to convert your batteries' "C" ratings to Amps (from our 2/09 Ground School on electrics)

1.5: Transferring parts from a drawing

3.5: Throttle position; amps; duration with electrics.
Or how 50% is equivalent to 300%. (This chart was generated at our 2/09 Ground School on electrics.)

1.6: A cheap fuselage stand

3.6: How prop selection impacts amps and power
(This chart was generated at our 2/09 Ground School on electrics.)

1.7: Be safe with LiPos - please!

2.6: A PVC set-up stand to hold models during construction, transport and field set-up. 3.7: Electric motor, ESC & battery calculator
Developed for Jan '10 ground school on electrics to help find appropriate power system for your plane

1.8: Balsa USA tips for CA use.

2.7: Good information on TICKS, how to avoid them, and how to handle them if if they get on you.

3.8: A link to some really useful formulae for model aviation:
1.9: Prop saver 'O'-ring tool 2.8: Servos 101

3.9: Servo Calculator What servo is needed?

1.10: O.S. position on afterrun oils

2.9: Batteries 101. from April 2012 ground school.
Att 1 . . . . Att 2 . . . . Att 3 . . . . Att 4

3.10: Understanding propellers. A web site which provides insight to props.
1.11: Arming Plug for Electrics 2.10: Basic RC Trim & Aerobatic Maneuvers
06/2014 Ground School
1.12: A-123 battery voltage reduction for RX packs
1.13: Keeping dust out of carburetors
1.14: An idea for applying your FAA SUAS registration number to your models