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AMA Chapter # 368
An AMA Charter Club Since 1953
IMAA Chapter #206



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Pictures will be updated with All Star 60 shots as they become available.

If you think a "Handle" should be changed, please suggest one to Snapshot for approval.
"Handles" can be requested, nominated, or earned!

Click on a participant's picture to see his progress (Outlined in blue if there is any).

Mike Lawman Andros

Dick Warlord Babisch

Fred Doughboy Baker
Dave Rookie Biegas
Chris Doc Bonner

Bruce Bruskey Bresky

Patrick Paddy Dobson


Ron Crash Dryda

George Snapshot Dudek

Angelo Flyguy Fabilli

Gordon Scratch Gibbons

Jim Taildragger Hartshorn

Jim Sarge Hanna

Russell Gabby Hope

Noel Iceman Hunt
Tim VP Jesky

Keith Lightning Jones
Don Don Juan Keller
no email

Jerry Tee-Square Laperriere
Phil Clint Laperriere

John Viper McCormick
Chris Goose McLellan

Pete Rattlesnake Mlinarcik

John Sparky Morgan
Howard 4Star Mottin
no email

Doug Teacher Norris

Paul Climber Overfield
George Reo Rios

Mike Smiley Schafka

Rick Eagle Scout Schneider
Fred Smitty Smith
Ken Propbuster Sulkowski

Steve Smokey Surbaugh

Joe Jester Svatora

Mike Groundsman Thaxton

Lou Loopy Lou Tisch
Dennis Puffer Trombley

Don Hollywood Veres II
Norm 38 Special Zelinski