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09/10/12: The StarDuster has now been used as an aerotow tug  

7/12/12: The All Starduster is ready . . . . .

Guts of the wing.


3/29/12: The wings are almost done. I assembled the wing to fuselage, and temporarily placed the servos, battery and receiver, moving them around until I had a 28% C.G.

Dowels are installed to add some security to the tail feathers to fuselage attachment.

The ailerons and flaps are built up. This picture is taken before the lower sheeting is added.


2/11/12: I guess it's time to start working on the wing now . . .

I am going to style this All Star 60 after the Piper Paunee. The full size one is used for crop spraying, and aero towing.


The tow realease will be at the back of the canopy so that area is reinforced.

Pictures of the tail feathers before completing the sheeting. I can refer to these later if I need to know where the inner frame sticks are. The rudder and elevator will taper to about 3/32 at their trailing edges.

The canopy top was made by shaping a foam plug; laying up 6 oz fiberglass over it; sanding the fiberglass once set; ripping out the foam plug; then trimming to shape.

Time to make a start.

I made a new tank platform and mounted it high in the nose, so it will be easier to get the tank in and out after the plane is finished.

I also plan to make a cowl, so the fuselage sides were trimmed at the firewall. Spruce triangle reinforcement is used in the area.

This is the "kit". I forgot to take a picture before I started to assemble the fuselage!