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2/4/12: Maiden flight report:

The CG was set at 28% which puts it 3.64 inches back from the leading edge which is dead center of the main spar. Lateral balance needed about 1/4 ounce of lead in the left wingtip before covering. Both the CG and lateral balance were fine-tuned by battery position. The radio was programmed for 50% expo.

Takeoff was smooth and predictable with no nasty surprises.

For trim to straight and level, it needed a few clicks of left aileron (maybe 4) and about the same amount of up elevator. It does have a slight tendency to pull down as throttle increases, so I will put in a very small amount of upthrust. It is difficult to stall, but when it does, the nose drops slightly to the right instead of straight forward.

The recommended throws for all flight surfaces are a great starting place with enough authority for good control without being touchy. I will want to increase the throws for performance (already set in "high rates" but not tried yet), but that's a matter of personal preference. This plane tracks straight, smooth and true. Landing was a little "hot" due to the high idle speed of a brand-new engine. The OS .75 AX is much more power than is needed, even new and running rich.

Hey guys, Just wanted to send a photo before I cover it. I extended the rudder at the bottom like a CAP-232. Also shortened the canopy and installed a hatch to access the fuel tank.

Would never have gotten it done without a little help from my cat . . .

I found it easier to build both elevator halves on a single stick for the leading edge. I'll cut them apart later. The joiner is temporarily installed. Elevator leading edge is bevelled, slotted for hinges, and grooved for the joiner. Added some extra center support since I should be able to handle a little extra tail weight. That tail is not coming off this one . . . no Willy Wires. Still needs sheeting. .