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RCCD 2014 Scratch Build Project

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Previous Projects:
- '13 Kool Kat
- '13 Kwik Kat
- '12 AllStar
- '11 Stick

Introducing RCCD's

STICK 2 IT prototype

RCCD 2014-15 CLUB PROJECT "STICK 2 IT" By popular request, the Radio Control Club of Detroit will reintroduce an "Ugly Stick" similar to the original 2011 Ugly Stick club project plane (see link under Previous Projects to the left). This new project plane was redesigned to be similar in size and looks, but updated with many weight saving features not contained in our original design..

For more details, click here and keep reading.

Details are being worked out, so watch this space for developments.
- Wood kit is only $55 (payable when kits are distributed, and includes all wood needed including laser cut parts. Kits to be made in batches of 6. So the number of people signing up will need to be in multiples of 6.
- Sign up with Pete Rattlesnake RCCD members only.
- Kits will be available for a winter build.

Surface Preparation
Tail Feathers
Main Wing
Assembly - Wing to Fuselage
Assembly - Final

Note: The files will open in Acrobat Reader, from which they can be printed. Also from Reader, the pages can be enlarged to see pictures in more detail.



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