The Radio Control Club of Detroit

An AMA Gold Leader Club
AMA Chapter # 368
An AMA Charter Club Since 1953
IMAA Chapter #206


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RCCD 2015 Schedule

Club Meetings are held at 7:30 pm, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month, at the Tucker Senior Center.
Ground School is held on the 4th Thursday of the month at the EAA Chapter 13 Hangar, or RCCD field, as noted.
Event details will be communicated on the event flyers and links.
Dates and activities are subject to change.  Check often for any changes.

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Full Schedule
Full Calendar (pdf)
Events Only
Full Schedule
Month Day Date Activity Pictures Organizer
Jan '15 Thu 1 Informal New Year flying & lock combination change    
  Thu 8 Club Meeting    
  Thu 22 Club Meeting    
  Thu 25 Swap Shop   Phil Laperriere
  Sun 29 Ground School - Mold making    
Feb Thu 5 Club Meeting    
  Thu 19 Club Meeting    
  Thu 26 Ground School - Stick2It progress & a movie    
Mar Thu 5 Club Meeting    
  Thu 19 Club Meeting    
  Thu 26 Ground School - Servo Set-up    
  Sat/Sun 28/29 RC Aircraft Show at Gibraltar   Jim Lundberg
Apr Thu 2 Club Meeting    
  Thu 16 Club Meeting - Mini Toledo   Noel Hunt
  Thu 23 Ground School - Soldering    
  Sat 25 Field Spring Clean-up (Rain date: 4/26)    
May Thu 7 Club Meeting    
  Sat/Sun 16/17 Watts Over Wetzel (W.O.W.) Electric Event   Mike Pavlock
  Thu 21 Club Meeting    
  Thu 28 Ground School - cancelled    
Jun Thu 4 Club Meeting    
  Tue 9 1st Kids' night (Rain date 6/11)   Bruce Thoms
  Thu 18 Club Meeting    
  Sat 20 Great Lakes Scale & Warbirds
Scale aerotow gliders too (up to about 3 meter)
  J. McCormick/ N. Hunt
  Thu 25 Ground School - N3N, Pitts & Citabria walk around    
Jul Thu 2 Club Meeting    
  Sat 11 Big Bird   Lou Tisch
  Thu 16 Club Meeting    
  Sat 18 Work Party (cancelled)    
  Thu 23 Ground School - Safety and then open flying    
  Sat 25 Control Line & RC Fly-in, and Steak-out   Phil Laperriere
Aug Sat 1 4-Stroke Rally   Mike Schafka
  Thu 6 Club Meeting    
  Sat 8 Great Lakes Combat   S. Gilkey
  Tue 11 Kids' night (Rain date: 8/13 )   Bruce Thoms
  Thu 20 Club Meeting    
  Sat 22 DNR RC 101; National Model Aviation Day (Wounded Warrior Project). Open House at RCCD   Herb Mills
  Thu 27 Ground School    
Sep Thu 3 Club Meeting    
  Sat / Sun 5/6 Club Fly-in, Fun Fly & Picnic   Jim Lundberg
  Sat/ Sun 12 /13 Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest Pattern Sequences Peter Van Heusden
  Thu 17 Club Meeting    
  Thu 24 NO Ground School    
Oct Thu 1 Club Meeting    
  Sat 3 Field Winter prep (Rain Date: 10/4)    
  Thu 15 Club Meeting    
  Thu 22 Ground School    
Nov Thu 5 Club Meeting    
  Thu 19 Club Meeting    
  Thu 26 NO Ground School    
Dec Thu 3 Club Meeting - Election of club officers    
  Tue 15 Christmas Party    
  Thu 17 Episode 2 of Piece of Cake at EAA Chapter 13 hangar    
  Thu 24 No Ground School    
Jan '2016 Wed 1 Informal New Year flying & lock combination change    
  Sun 31 RCCD Swap Meet   Paul Newby

2015 - Aviation Events of Interest (non-RCCD)
Dates may change - Please access the websites of the organizers for the latest details

(Other events at R/C clubs can be accessed from respective club sites - see Links page)

Events on red background are 2014 dates, shown for reference. Red background will be removed as 2015 dates are provided.

April 10 - 12 The Weak Signals - R/C Expo (The Toledo Show )
June 4 - 6 CARDS Warbirds & Classics Over Michigan
June 13 PMAC Warbird Festival
June 28 Skymasters Electric Fly-in
July 17 - 19 Cahtham Warbirds & Classics
July 18 CARDS Giant Scale
July 20 - 26 Air Venture Oshkosh 2012
August 2 Skymasters Warbirds & Scale Fly-in
August 6 - 9 Michigan Jets
August 13 - 15 Warbirds & Classics over the Midwest
Aug 29 - 30 Thunder Over Michigan
September 3 - 5 Indiana Warbird Campaign (AMA HQ site)
September 4 - 6 Giant Scale Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Air Show
at the National Museum of the United States Air Force - Dayton, OH
September 10 - 12 Air Supremacy over Elkhart
September 19 - 20 Flying Pilgrims - 30th Fall Phase Out for Fun, Giant Scale event
September 20 PMAC Scale Fly-in

Events at other clubs on RC FlightDeck, withing driving distance of RCCD