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RCCD 2011 Scratch Build Project: Pete Mlinarcik Rattlesnake

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Final Weight:

Significant mod's:
- inverted fuselage
- "Turtle deck"





Maiden flight of the Quad Squad version

4/2/11: The Stick Bipe was presented at the Gibraltar Show in it's as is condition.


3/29/11: The Ugly Stick Bipe is still progressing and the build is still continuing. All the details need to be completed (final install & connect servos, final connecting of the flying surfaces, final balancing, final trimming, final fuel hook up, etc.).

03/15/11: The Ugly Stick Bipe is progressing in spite of the continuing engineering changes. The preliminary balancing indicated that the CG was to far rearward. The engine has been relocated forward to the original firewall location. A new cowl was constructed. A fuselage top was also made new. The plane is now being covered with Monocote. Covering is certainly not my forte. Some areas will be recovered, hopefully with out all the wrinkles and the burn hole.

Initial balancing.

This is the picture that the Ugly Stick Bipe will resemble.

Engine relocated and new cowl constructed.
New fuselage top and headrest constructed.

Drilled and tapped Alum. Mounting inserts for fastening to wing.

Previous openings filled and bottom forward of wing revised.

Covering started.

Color Scheme referenced from drawing.

Fuselage- Missile Red, Tail Feathers- cream, Rad.- Alum. Duct Tape.
Top wing covered, Cabanes and Struts painted.

02/18/11: Construction continues

Cabane struts lightened, and plywood exterior reinforcement added to aid in supporting the engine and main landing gear

Engine cowling started & Radiator grill detail added

Top Wing is Sheeted

Ailerons are hinged and wings trial fit to fuse

Tail Wheel Ass'y installed

Servo mounting provisions are made. Wing mount reinforcement installed and bottom view of servo doors

01/24/11: Latest progress


n the photos, the fuselage is setting close to flying attitude.The top wing and bottom wings are now roughed in and setting in the approx. location relative to the fuselage. The distance between the wings is 10” (surface to surface). The fuselage will have a contured and rounded top surface, adding approx. 2” in height at it's highest spot, closing some of the gap between the fuselage and the bottom of the top wing.

The next step is to construct pockets in the lower wing to accept the outboard struts.

The cabanes are designed and construction will be started tomorrow.

“And the saga continues”

P.S. And still having fun ! ! !

Rough sketch of the Ugly Stick Bipe design
01/16/11 - Stick Bipe

My personal kit of the original American version of the Ugly Stick is being redesigned as a Bi-plane. To accomplish this revision, the fuselage will be turned over and the top becomes the bottom. There will be modifications made to the tail feathers, and the bottom wing and the addition of an upper wing. The plane will be a tail dragger and the main gear will be relocated and modified. A new fuselage top will be added. The engine that will be used is a Saito 100 and will be relocated based on a new CG. At this stage, I am feeling my way through the design, and appreciating the verbal comments and help.

Fuselage bottom panel slot altered

Horizontal stab notched for vertical fin

Fuselage side panel and saddle reinf. Reshaped
to fit the wing top surface.

Lower wing mounting member assembled and
balsa cross member for bottom panel is attached to F4

Fuselage sides glued in place

The bottom (old Top) panel slot for the fin patched

Fire wall is not installed at this point due

to the relocation of the engine.
Upper wing location is being mocked up.

Quad Squad Ugly Stick
* Scratch built: referencing Jensen plans
* Wing: foam core construction, with top & bottom 1/4"x1/2" poplar main spars, cardboard sub-cover
* Wing span: 60 1/2"
*Wing cord: 12" plus 1 3/4" aileron width
* Fuselage lenght: tip of spinner to rear of rudder 53 3/8"
* Weight: approx. 9 1/2 lbs dry
* Finish covering: Solartex- Yellow wing, stab, fin- Dark blue fuselage. (Red modified checkerboard painted on the bottom of main wing and horizontal stab with Lustrekote.)
* Nose gear stearing by means of an internal bellcrank/pushrod linkage.
* Engine: Tower Hobbies .61
* 12 oz fuel tank
* Radio: Futaba T9CAP using four channels, with five standard servos



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