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RCCD 2013 Scratch Build Project

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Previous Projects:
- '12 AllStar
- '11 Stick


Project Progress pictures, comments, build tips and general information will be posted here. The latest entries are at the top.

Photos of the Club Racer of George (G-0) and Henry (H-9).


H-9 is 5lbs 0 oz using .46AX1, Tower servos, Henry will provide the radio, receiver and battery.

G-0 is 5lbs 2 oz using .46AX1, Futuba radio, Futuba and Tower servos and a hatch for carrying a camera.

George putting some finishing touches to Henry's racer.

3/30/13: Lightning
Two very successful flights today. Dead stick on the first landing, but full flight and taxi home on the second. Unfortunately the plane is too quick for Rattlesnake to keep up with it to take photos, which is why most of them are on the ground!


Hey Guys, That damn plane was just to fast for me. I couldn't keep it in the view finder, even when Lightning was running it at half throttle. I know I'm going to be in deep trouble, if I am going to race against him in our club racing events. His plane not only looks great, but it also flies great. Good show,

3/27/13: from Peter V.
PDF files for the ribs have been added to the Project Instructions page. The files can be used should you need to cut new ribs for any reason - er, like if a couple should get damaged. I know, highly unlikely and all!!! :-)

Just print them to size. (There is a 6" line on each file for reference) Then you can cut the approprite rib/s needed from the prints.


3/19/13: Snapshot
Covering wing tip, wing and installing  servos.


3/14/13: Clint
OK, Clint has finally let the kat out of the bag!



3/10/13: Lightning
The Kat is progressing. Wing needs servos and ailerons, fuse  has a little way to go before covering.

3/13/13: Lightning
- elevators
- rudder
- servos for the above
- cowl (which needs painting first)
- canopy
- motor re-installed

and it will be done!

2/28/13: Ground School (Pictures from Snapshot)

1/21/2013: Scratch
Almost ready to cover. . . .

1/24/13: Rattlesnake
It was fun working with Angelo on the project. He did almost all of his plane build by himself, with just a little input by me. I'm just sorry I didn't take some pictures when his son ( Mark) was with us on the two days Mark didn't have school. Mark just didn't sit around and watch us. We put Mark to work helping Angelo with his plane. they both did great with the build. We are temporarily taking a little "work" break from the plane build to help pay some bills, but we will be back together to finalize and cover our planes.


2/27/13: John Hoover
Started building the RCCD club plane for this summers club flying events.

1/19/2013: Rattlesnake
Angelo and I have teamed up to build the latest club project plane. (These are) some progress pictures of our Kaotic Kwick Kat build. The pictures are mostly of Angelo's build and the last few pictures show both our planes as of 1-18-13. In the last few pictures, the plane closest to the camera (on wheels) is my plane.

This is what it should be all about: getting together with another/other club member/s to share and learn.

8/21/12: Click the picture for a video of the prototype's maiden flight