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RCCD 2013 Scratch Build Project

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Previous Projects:
- '13 Kwik Kat
- '12 AllStar
- '11 Stick

Introducing RCCD's
Kontrol Line Kool Kat

Kool Kat prototype

Having had a series of very successful radio controlled project planes over the past three years, at this time, the Radio Control Club of Detroit will provide at cost to it's club members, a short kit for a control line model airplane. This plane was designed and produced specifically to re-introduce current club members and or entice new members to the joy of flying control line aircraft. Even though, as the club name may imply, the club is just not about radio control aviation, but the club covers all facets of model aviation. There is a well groomed and maintained control line flying circle at the club field. This circle is currently not being used to it's full potential and is crying for additional C/L pilots. For the potential new pilot and new club member control line flying may be the most economical way to enter model aviation. The initial investment for equipment and plane is certainly more reasonable than R/C.

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