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Anyone have an RC aircraft equiped for IFR conditions? I haven't the "foggiest" idea where the trees are!!!


It's that time of year again. The Winter shelter has been erected.


RCCD Members enjoying the PMAC Scale event in September.


RCCD celebrated National Model Aviation Day and supported the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) on Saturday, August 22nd. Thanks to Dave for giving us a first hand understanding of what WWP means to individual vets.




RCCD member projects presented at meetings over the past few months.



There were some fantastic aircraft at the Warbirds & Classics Over Michigan event at C.A.R.D.S. near Lansing June 4 - 6. Here are links to some of the video I posted on YouTube.

Car Bachhuber's 1/5 scale, 180 inch wingspan Heinkel He111 -
A gaggle of large WWI planes in the air together, including some footage from the gunner's seat of my Sopwith Strutter -
A collection of landings in the challenging cross-wind conditions -

The last one also a provides a good sample of the aircraft models flown there.

This was the first in the Warbirds & Classics Alliance events. There is a another event in the series, about the same distance in the other direction July 17 - 19. Many of these modelers and their aircraft (or similar ones) will be there. Its the Warbirds & Classic over Chatham. Click for a flyer with details. It's only about 2 hours from our RCCD field.


Airplane, Tics & Things. An article by Rattlesnake.

The Tick Twister was discussed at a recent club meeting. It is reported to be effective at removing ticks from skin. For details click on the links below:

(Articles that would have been published in our Newsletter will now appear here on the Current News page)


Bruce and I enjoyed the MRCA Aerotow event just south of Ann Arbor on Saturday There were some very large gliders present, but we were welcomed even though we had a couple of foam aircraft.
Note that it is very important to get the correct body English when flying gliders!

RCCD's 2015 Model Aircraft Show at the Gibraltar Trade Center


January Ground School

Lou demonstrated methods for molding parts for our models. Thanks for a g great ground school even though the weather was pretty wild that evening.



A few pictures from RCCD's 2015 Swap Shop:


The Farmington public access TV channel has a series called Exploring Hobbies. Here is the episode on Radio Control that they will air, probably in February. Randy Nunez hosted the discussion while his son Jason and Brian Golden produced it. No prize for knowing who the guest is!


From Richard J.

"Flying today in cold Florida. 50 deg. I must admit it is warmer than our RC club in Michigan. The great thing is it has been almost 2 years since flying due to my health issues and Ediths Stay warm ,
love Richard and Edith

Richard is back to teasing us (It is 1 deg F this morning here!), but great to see him at a flying field again.


At the field New Year - 2015

Please Note: The lock combination number was changed on all the locks on Jan 1st. You received the new number when you renewed your club membership, or will receive it when you renew. Remember to ALWAYS roll the combination right after you unlock any lock. The combination number should never be left showing.




Either Don or Phil had the first electric-powered flight of 2015 and your webmaster had the first glow-powered flight

Nick had the first crash of 2015 --------->

. . . . . . all in 20 mph winds!



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