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  Big Bird 2018
AMA Sanction # 945



2018 date: July 7, 2018

(Click above for Flier)


  • Saturday - July 7 , 2018
  • 9:45 am - Pilots' meeting
  • 10:00 am - Flying starts
  • RCCD Flying Field, located in Wetzel State Park
    (map also on flyer)


Click here for Google Maps Link:

  • A fly-in for Big Bird/Giant Scale R/C aircraft:
  • Quarter Scale or Larger
  • Minimums: 80" ws Monoplanes, 60" Biplanes
Battery Charging:
  • 110 V is available for battery charging, or you may bring your own 12V source. For the safety of all, charging is not permitted under the shelter or in vehicle parking area.
  • Proof of AMA membership required.
  • All legal aircraft radio frequencies permitted.
  • Full-time 2.4 GHz transmitters will not be impounded. All non 2.4GHz transmitters and non 2.4GHz modules will be impounded to minimize radio interference risk. Pilots do not have to remove non 2.4 GHz modules from transmitters while impounded.
  • Landing fee - $10


  • Lou Tisch
    Don Veres
    Mike Schafka

  • Lou Tisch
    E-mail us if you wish to receive news and updates
  • Check page for updates also

S/S Big Bird Giant Scale 2017-JB



New 2018 Flier Coming Soon


If you’re into Big Birds & Giant Scale Models, this is the event to be at! ......... "Big Flies Better "
Come on down and have some fun with us.
We will even have a couple "Candy Drop" planes: 50% Cub (John Shoemaker) and a Giant Telemaster (Vic Kerster), both were at our 2016 Big Bird Event.

RCCD’s Annual Big Bird/Giant Scale Fly-In keeps growing in leaps and bounds every year, featuring:

  • a large number of pilots
  • an awesome flying site
  • great spectator viewing
  • great food
  • door prizes & raffles
  • candy drops

Contest Director Lou Tisch and Co-CDs Don Veres & Mike Schafka, and RCCD, invite you to a day of fun, filled with Big Bird flying, friends, and plenty of prizes to take home!

Pilots Prizes: All registered pilots will receive one ticket, good for a chance at one prize each. You do not have to be present to win, but must make arrangements to pickup your prize.

All registered pilots are eligible to win, even if they are unable to fly for whatever reason. At least bring your Giant Scale Plane,even it is unfinished. Everyone enjoys extra eye-candy and you might get some answers to questions you may have about the build you are working on.

We have already received commitments of a lot of products for 2018 Door Prizes and Raffles (updating list):
DA-50 50 cc Gas Engine from Desert Aircraft
RCGF 60 cc Gas Engine from RCGF USA
National Balsa-prizes coming
Spinner from Vortec/David Brown Products
Spinners from Tru-Turn
CAP 232 ARF from LSB/LMT
Gift Certificates from Flight Line Hobbies
Products from Dubro and Tru-Turn
Products from Prop Shop
Gift Certificates from Tower Hobbies & SIG Manufacturing
Products from Sullivan Products
Products from Horizon Hobby
Products from Venom Products
Banners-Prop Shop, Tru-Turn, Dubro, Venom. Flight Line
Magazines from Model Airplane News

More to come from many Sponsors (listed below).

Review our Club rules. which apply at Big Bird .


Butter Cup Corsair-Vince
ButterCup 50%-Vince Blasky ........Giant Corsair-Vince Blasky
Flown at Big Bird 2016 & 2017.......Met it's demise at CARDS

Smith Mini Plane 50% P-47 Jug 1/4 Scale Nosen
Smith Mini Plane-50% Scale .........,,,..P-47 Thunderbolt "Jug"
Flown here by Vince Blasky .........,,,.......Vince Blasky
Currently owned by Lou Tisch
Coming to Big Bird/Giant Scale

P-51 Mustang 1/4 Scale Nosen SpaceWaler-1/3 Scale

P-51 Mustang 1/4 Scale "Nosen" ...1/3 Scale SpaceWalker..LMT
Vince Blasky - will be at Big Bird ....Flown here by Vince Blasky
Giant Scale 2017 ............................Will be at Big Bird-LMT Fly

Stearman by John Shoemaker 50% Howard Ike-3W100 Twin

1/4 Scale Stearman-Evo, Eng.......50% Howard Ike-3W100 Twin
6 cyl. 4-Stroke...John Shoemaker..Owned/Flown by Vince Blasky
......Coming to Big Bird 2017.............Coming to Big Bird 2017

Note: Videos for new pictures will be coming soon...need to edit.

Let our sponsors (below) know that you appreciate them.



2017-2018 Sponsors


Desert Aircraft


RCGF Engines


Tru-Turn Spinners
Flight Line Hobbies Dubro Kroll International
Mike Andros
Tower Hobbies Electro Dynamics SIG Products
Prop Shop Hobbies Vortec/DaveBrownProducts Sullivan Products
John Shoemaker P&D Hobby Shop

Lock Stock & Barrell, Inc
FME A ........ CATALOG

AirAgeMedia-Model Airplane News Magazine Shore Pointe IT Services & Printing EAA Warbirds Magazine
Venom Power Nat Balsa Logo Horizon Hobby


2016 Sponsors


Desert Aircraft SW AeroVista Tru-Turn Spinners
Flight Line Hobbies P & D Hobbies Kroll International
Tower Hobbies ElectroDynamics Prop Shop Hobbies
Warbirds Magazine Prop Wash Videos Sullivan Products
SIG Products Dave Brown Products