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News Archive - 2010



Flying off skis is here for the season. The picture shows the rebuilt Avistar started up and ready for our field's first ski flight of the season. If you are new to cold weather flying, take a look at the article in our February 2010 newsletter

Remember to join us for the New Years Day get-together at the field and see who will have the first flight of 2011. The first electric at 8:00 am and the first internal combustion plane at 10:00 am. Watch the video and browse the pictures from New Year, 2010 for an idea of what to expect.








Dave B. picture.


December 2nd Meeting:

2011 Club Elections - All board members agreed to run again for 2011 and all ran un-apposed. Your 2011 board is therefore the same as 2010:

President - John McCormick
Vice President - Noel Hunt
Treasurer - Mike Pavlock
Secretary - Peter Van Heusden

Thanks to Darryll for the entertaining election proceedings!

Member Projects -In addition to Willie's big project, an electric-powered Lovings Love, we saw the scratch-build project laser cut wood and a number of other members' projects.



Members keeping busy. Project presentations from a couple of meetings:




"1969 was a great year, specifically November 1969! To help celebrate my years on this earth, you will have the opportunity during the next 41 days to purchase a premium subscription of RC Report Online for the celebration price of $19.69! That is over $10.00 off the regular price of a premium subscription! A premium subscription allows you to download a PDF version of the magazine, so that you can print some or all of the publication to take along on trips to your home field and beyond. Save it to your hard drive and read off line. We even offer a Kindle version!

It's my birthday, but you get the presents! Brian Winch, our resident Australian, never fails to deliver when it comes to all things oily! And a sense of humor! If you've never had the opportunity to read his stuff, you're missing out on some great laughs! Ed Moorman spends his time teaching you all how to fly acrobatically! Yeah, you know maneuvers that leave your head spinning! Chris Handegard is our combat pilot! These guys don't play! Watch your six! Tony Coberly heats you up with electric play! The sparks are flying! Isabelle talks RC events throughout the country! Keeping you informed so you don't miss anything! We also offer informative product reviews and entertaining recaps of various events! Mix in some fun contests and the occasional joke, and you've got all you'll ever need!

RC Report Online is all you could ever want - for my (your) birthday!
Visit to subscribe/renew or to contact us for more information!"


A Message from Greg Cardillo:

Greetings Indoor Flying Participant!
We are happy to announce the arrangements have been made for an additional flying session the Friday following Thanksgiving!
We will be hosting a session: Friday, November 26th, 2pm - 6pm
Cost for this session will be $15 for four hours.

Click for More Details


RCCD Rules Changes Approved:

The revisions to the club rules were approved by the membership at the October 21st club meeting. The revised rules which recognize the growing electric interest as well as 2.4 GHz radios, are shown below with the revisions shown in bold red. The complete rules are available on the About Us page.

6. Pilots must have a current AMA card to fly. Regardless of radio frequency, members’ club card shall be placed in the appropriate pocket in the impound frequency pin rack. Visitors shall place their AMA card in the rack in lieu of a club card.

7. Non 2.4GHz Radio Transmitters shall not be turned on unless the pilot is in possession of the proper frequency pin. The pin must be returned to the frequency pin rack and transmitter placed in the impound when not in use. 2.4GHz Radio Transmitters are exempt from the pins and impound requirement.

8. Non 2.4GHz Transmitters shall have the two-digit channel number identification attached.

11. Pilots shall position aircraft in the grass pit area facing the flight line fence approximately mid way between the impound paving and the flight line fence, and in line with other aircraft, before starting the engine or arming an electric motor.

These changes address convenience while keeping us all safe.


Kids Nights

At least twice a year, RCCD holds Kids’ Nights to provide an opportunity for youngsters in the area to try their hand at flying an R/C plane.


Many of the great pictures taken during kids’ night may not be published because some of the children’s identities must remain protected, but even after editing, it is clear the kids have a great time. Of course the RCCD members seem to share the enjoyment, as the images attest.

Click for more great pictures taken by various members.


After an orientation and safety discussion, each kid gets a chance to fly with one of RCCD’s Intro Pilots and a helper. The Intro Pilot takes a trainer aircraft to a safe altitude, then transfers control to the transmitter in the kid’s hands.

He or she then flies with the assistance of the helper. If they get into trouble the Intro Pilot resumes control to save the plane, and regain altitude.

While not flying R/C, each participant gets to construct a simple rubber-powered plane and learns how to trim it for optimized flight. They get to keep these. A BBQ supper is also provided for all.



Good weather on a fall day brings out members to get in some quality flying before the snow flies.

<-- Click on this picture to see more from the day. Pictures by George Dudek.

10/13/10 From Greg Cardillo: Our Winter Indoor Flying sessions at Ultimate Soccer Arena are fast approaching! We will be starting Tuesday, November 9th and running thru March once again. Applications will be sent to you in the next week. We hope you can join us once again!
We will begin collecting applications Wednesday, October 13th (see below!) during the Hobby Lobby visit.

Jason Cole from Hobby Lobby will be in Michigan on Wednesday, October 13th. Come join us at Ultimate Soccer Arena to see what's new from Hobby Lobby! All welcome!! Please pass the word and bring a friend!
The restaurant will be open for dinner and drinks at 6 PM with the program starting promptly at 7 PM. Flight demos are planned at around 8 PM (sorry-no open flying).

Click for more info.


Never a shortage of aircraft that we want to fly. Projects from a couple of meetings.

9/13/10 There is a good newspaper article about RCCD in the September 6th Macomb Daily, thanks to Gordon's leg work.

Some member projects presented at club meetings during the 2010 summer:




Fun Fly & Picnic 2010 Event results
From Bob Chapman

Climb & Glide:
1st Place Brian Gilkey 3:36 Min
2nd Place Scott Gilkey 1:53 Min
3rd Place Phil Laperriere 1:45 Min

Ring Drop:
1st Place Darrell Rohrbeck 22’
2nd Place Brian Gilkey 29’
3rd Place Dave Doucher 40’6”

2 Minute Touch N Go:
1st Place Brian Gilkey 23 Touch N Go’s
2nd Place Scott Gilkey 18 Touch N Go’s
3rd Place Phil Laperriere 7 Touch N Go’s

Drag Race:
Brian Gilkey 1st Place .46 Size
Scott Gilkey 2nd Place .46 Size

Dave Doucher 1st Place .55 Size
Ken Jr. 2nd Place .60 Size
Rematch First race Kens engine stalled out:
Ken Jr. 1st Place .60 Size
Dave Doucher 2nd Place .55 Size


RCCD members attend the Mid Am Electric Flies
Pictures by Willie McMath


04/08/10 1. The motion to adopt a revised constitution and bylaws as well as new field rules passed at the May 6th meeting. Please review both documents as there are significant changes.

2. Member Projects at the May 6th Meeting.

Pictures by George D.


Doug's 52" Marston Pterodactyl

Darryll built a spinner for Willie's Lovings Love

Retracts for Norm's 1/4 scale P-38


3. The awards for the (rainy & windy) Brag Day are available as a .pdf file. It is a large file (22MB).


Spring Clean-up

The field is all spruced up and ready for the 2010 season

Click picture to the left for slide show.

Pictures by Pete and Gordon


April Ground School: Keith Shaw gave a great presentation on "Building it light for electrics", displayed some of his handiwork, and afterwards answered questions in an informal gathering around his aircraft.

Keith provided the following links in support of his presentation. All can be accessed from the Ampeer Website

A four-part "how-to" by Keith: PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4
Original 1987 Model Builder article on Electric Sport Scale
MAN article on flying low-powered aerobatics

Other links related to electrics:
The E Zone
Watt Flyer
RC Universe
Electric Model Flyers of Ontario

See more pictures of this Ground School

Pictures by George



Pictures from the April 1st, Meeting.

Pictures by George Dudek


March Ground School - Pattern Competition

With the return of a Pattern Contest to the RCCD schedule, we felt that a refresher on pattern flying was a good idea and thanks to Peter V leading the discussion, we can now fly with a purpose in preparation for our contest towards the end of the season (Sep 11 & 12). Some of the useful information provided at the ground school is available below:

Sportsman's Schedule & what the judges are looking for. Note that all classes will be flown at our contest, but if this is your first time, then Sportsman's is for you. You can review the schedules for the other classes at the NSRCA site.

Useful Links:
NSRCA National Society of Radio Control Aerobatics
NSRCA Newcomers Link
NSRCA Suppliers

District IV Schedule (We fall within the NSRCA district IV)

May 15-16 Northern Kentucky Pattern Contest Hebron, KY
June 5-6 D-4 D-5 Shootout Muncie, IN at AMA flying site
June 12-13 TORKS Pattern Contest Grove City OH
July 10-11 Evansville, IN Pattern Contest Evansville, IN
July 18-22 NATS AMA Flying Site, Muncie IN
August 7-8 Weak Signals Pattern Contest Monroe Michigan
August 14-15 Andy Herider Pattern Contest Quincy OH
August 28-29 Ohio Valley Pattern Classic St. Clairsville OH
September 11-12 Detroit Pattern Contest Detroit MI
September 18-19 District Championship Hebron, KY

The AMA web site has a great tool for finding events in your area, or perhaps in a place to which you will be travelling. Take a look:



Images from the March 18th club meeting.

George Dudek pictures


Pictures from March 4th Meeting


Members have been busy in their workshops during the colder months. Projects presented at the Feb 4th meeting:


A reminder: During the second half of club meetings, members are invited to bring in their planes, projects or demonstrations. There were times that a number of participants would bring in their displays to the same meeting, and not have the proper amount of time needed to show their display. Then there were times, where there were no displays at all. We will try to arrange a schedule to give all the members, who are interested, the opportunity to present their projects. Each presentation should be less than ten minutes.

If you're interested in bringing in your planes, projects or demonstrations to the club meetings, please contact Pete Mlinarcik in advance FORPETESAKEPGM@ATT.NET He will reply and confirm a meeting date.

For your presentation at the club meeting, a ticket in your name will be deposited into the current club raffle. (one ticket per member, per meeting)

If you have a demonstration that will take longer than 10 minutes, it may be ideal for a Ground School subject. Contact Noel Hunt HUNT4IT@COMCAST.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation. The turn-out has been fantastic.

Hank's Contender from a Top Flight kit.

Hal DeBolt All American Trainer built by Dick. Intended power - Cub 0.99

Bruce displays the depron wing forming tool (below) for his Oshkosh 30 (right)

Matt's Hangar-9 Raptor

Norm gets ready for some back yard flying with a GWS DeHavilland Beaver



Jim's modified Power Supply and AT-3

Tanjet F-16 being assembled by John

Another Contender - Jim has had this one stored for a "few" years

My 40% One & a Half Strutter - well -13 inch wing span is 40% of the bigger one!


Holiday projects

It looks like members have been busy over the Christmas holidays. Some of our projects presented at the two January meetings:

Norm's Funtana foamy
Henry Gornick's 12 volt power supply constructed
from the instructions in the Tips & Hints page

John's PVC cutter and electric Escapade.
(Did you know that in addition to all the things for which PVC
pipe was designed, it can also actually be used for plumbing!)

Phil's scratch-built C/L Voodoo powered by a SuperTiger 35
Ken and his e-powered White Sport from a Steven's Aero kit
Drake II scratch-built by Larry. Electric powered and
can be flown off land or water - at least that's the plan!
AKM C-160 Transal ARF powered by 2 OS LA25s. Assembled by Merlin (left)
The display stand looks just like Joe (right)
L-39 Albatros EDF ARF - Noel
Bob and his A-10 Warthog EDF ARF
If you have a project to share, we would love to see it
and hear about it. Contact Pete and let him know.

Pictures by njh


RCCD in Winter

RCCD has a number of club activities during the winter to supplement the building season:

Jan 1st - New Year at the Field
We had a most enjoyable New Year at the field with folks coming and going throughout the morning. There were eats and coffee as well as model aviation conversation to share, and flying that would have made an Alaskan bush pilot proud! Russ Hope was the first member to fly an Electric-powered plane and Henry Dudek piloted the first glow-powered plane. John McCormick has the dubious honor as the first to wreck a plane in 2010. He claims the cold wind in his eyes blurred his vision, or perhaps the ailerons froze, but we wonder about his New Years Eve party! Pictures and a video are posted although no one captured John’s wreck!

Jan 7th - Our first club meeting of 2010
Club meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings of each month.

Jan 24th - Swap Shop
Our swap shop is an opportunity to make space for new stuff, or get a deal on "experienced" model aircraft and equipment. If you have stuff to sell, tables may still be available from Bob Hunt ( General admission is $3 for adults; $1 for kids under 12; and free for those under 5. This applies to club members too and it entitles you to the drawings for door prizes. See the flyer for more details.

Jan 28th – Ground School
Details are not yet finalized, but this ground school subject is expected to be related to electric-powered models, in support of our first sanctioned flying event of the season – the electric fly-in. Watch for details. Ground schools are on the 4th Thursday of each month.

We have a number of activities at which members are encouraged to show off their “brag” planes: The Mall Show in March; the Mini-Toledo in April; and the Brag Day event in May.

Mar 20th & 21st – Mall Show
Club members display their models and answer questions about R/C model aviation at the Macomb Mall. This is always a popular activity for both club members as well as the Macomb Mall shoppers. We show the wide range of model aviation interests that exist. Members bring and display " hangar queens" and new models that Santa may have left under the tree.

Apr 25th – Mini Toledo (replaces a regular club meeting)
The largest R/C model show in the country, the Weak Signals Show, is held in Toledo, OH each April. At our first club meeting after the Toledo show, we get to show off our winter construction efforts. Members bring an un-flown model aircraft and describe it. Things like how it is powered; how it was acquired; what building (if any) was required; wing span; weight; history (if any); etc. Everyone who presents their model gets a ticket for the numerous door prizes. We usually have enough door prizes for everyone. Tthe rules are simple: The plane must not have flown; projects under construction are welcome, but an ARF still in the box is not eligible!

April 24th – Spring Clean-up
We’ll be getting the field cleaned up and ready for the warmer flying months. The winter shelter will be removed and we'll do the things needed to ensure that we remain proud of our field. Members, bring your garden and construction tools. Larry will let us know closer to the time of any specific needs. Don’t let age or ailment deter you. Just do what you can, even if it is only passing a nail to someone from time to time. Work parties have been most enjoyable lately because of the good turn out, but if you need more incentive, the time you spend helping out goes towards next year’s membership discount. There are always a few of us who fly after the work is done, so bring a plane, but make sure your tools don’t damage it during the drive.

So, RCCD continues to be very active during the colder months. In addition to the events mentioned above, some of us continue to fly through the winter, both at the field when the weather permits, and in-doors at the Ultimate Soccer Arenas on Tuesdays. We enjoy getting together and we encourage all members to participate.



RCCD club elections were held on 12/03/09. Here's the Executive Board for 2010:

John McCormick
Vice President:
Noel Hunt
Peter Vanheusden
Mike Pavlock




Many thanks to Keith Jones for his years as secretary.


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