RCCD National Nodel Aviation Day
Pictures by George Dudek & Bob Kleba

NMADHeader-8.5 IMG_0770_1 IMG_0771_1 IMG_0765_1 IMG_0763_1 IMG_0768_1 IMG_0772_1 IMG_0773_1
IMG_0766_1 IMG_0775_1 IMG_0776_1 IMG_0777_1 IMG_0778_1 IMG_0779_1 IMG_0787_1 IMG_0788_1
IMG_0789_1 Allison Temple 1st Time Flyer Allison Temple 1st Time Flyer #2 allison and Noel Starting Plane Allison and Noel on Buddy Box #1 Allison and Noel Buddy Box #2 IMG_0769_1 IMG_0783a_1
IMG_0784_1 IMG_0785_1 IMG_0786_1 IMG_0793_1 IMG_0790_1 Allison and Noel After Flight IMG_0791_1