RCCD 4-Stroke Rally
Pictures by George D. & John B..

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IMG_0622a_1 IMG_0623a_1 IMG_0623_1_1 1- Come on Start 2- It started last week 4- I know what's wrong with the engine, but I won't tell I don't think its going to get off the ground 6- There it's running
7- Careful George 8- I Can Do This 9- Jim, trust me, It will be Ok 10- Made it to the flight line 11- Ok Jim let it rip IMG_0660_1 IMG_0661_1 IMG_0624_1
IMG_0626_1 IMG_0629_1 IMG_0630_1 IMG_0631_1 IMG_0632_1 IMG_0633_1 IMG_0634_1 IMG_0635_1
IMG_0637_1 IMG_0639_1 IMG_0640_1 IMG_0641_1 IMG_0642_1 IMG_0644_1 IMG_0645_1 IMG_0646_1