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An AMA Gold Leader Club
AMA Chapter # 368
An AMA Charter Club Since 1953
IMAA Chapter #206.


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Current Club scratch build project:
STICK 2 IT - - - Take a look

Previous scratch build projects:
Kontrol Line Kool Kat
Kaotic Kwick Kat project
All Star 60
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We now have a new webmaster: Lou Tisch

Assistant: Norm Myszynski



The project presentation response by club members has been great. Thank you for your presentations at club meetings and for your cooperation in the scheduling of your presentation.

Whether your presentation is an aircraft, boat, car, or a hobby related project, the interest is there. Keep in mind, the presentations can be either a completed project or a project in process.

Due to time constraints, we would like to schedule a maximum of three presentations, with a maximum of ten minutes each *, per meeting.

To schedule your presentation, email Pete M - Rattlesnake at or Call him at (586) 463-2249. Leave a message if no answer.

After your presentation, don't forget to fill out a free raffle ticket for the club raffle prize.

* If your presentation requires more than10 min., it may be a ground school candidate. If so, contact Gordon Gibbons who schedules ground school subjects.

See Schedule for details)

NEW-RCCD Airplane Library
Contact: Norm Myszynski for details: 586-306-5122
Full List

Club Meetings - 1st & 3rd Thursdays
7:30 pm start.R/C Flying - When weather cooperates
at the RCCD Field in Wetzel State Park *
From 8 am for quiet flight
From 10 am for internal combustion power. *
State of Michigan Recreation Passport required for RCCD flying field access.

Model Aircraft Show-Mar. 11/12

Watt's Over Wetzel-May 20/21

Mini-Toledo April 20

Scale & Warbirds 2017-June 17th

Big Bird/Giant Scale-Jly 8, 2017

Four Stroke Rally-Aug. 5. 2017

The Radio Control Club of Detroit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of model aviation as a hobby. We invite all types of RC model aviation supported by the AMA. The club currently promotes Scale, Giant Scale, Precision Aerobatics, Scale Aerobatics, and Combat with event status. We are proud to have top national competitors within our ranks.The flying field is well-groomed 1200 ft x 300ft grass. Although RCCD is primarily a radio control club, we also have a U-control area. Our flying facility is located in Wetzel State Park. This state park is named after one of Michigan's thirteen Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. The Radio Control Club of Detroit constructed a War Memorial on site and dedicated the facility "Wetzel Memorial Flying Field" on August 2nd, 1997. This state park is located in Lenox Twp. of Northern Macomb Co. Michigan. This is approximately 30 miles north of Detroit.

Find out more & to join, go to the About RCCD Page RCCD Field GPS Coordinates At Flying Station 3

N 42 deg 44 min 04.9 sec
W 82 deg 50 min 56.4 sec
N 42 deg 44.075 min
W 82 deg 50.936 min
Lat 42.734586
Lon -82.848928

Field is at West end of 27 Mile rd on map -->

LEARN TO FLY R/C We have an active program to introduce you to R/C flying. Go to About RCCD or click on the following links:

- Fly RCCD's plane a couple of times:
To get an idea of what is like, our Intro Pilot Program will get you "on the sticks" of our club Intro Plane via a buddy box. An instructor controls the primary transmitter to ensure you get the hang of it. Try a couple of flights to see what it's like.- Learn on your plane - Free:
Once you decide R/C aviation is for you, our Flight Instruction Program is a safe and enjoyable way to learn to solo, with minimal risk to your model aircraft. Our instructors are listed on this link. Give one of them a call.



Featured Picture
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A new chapter begins for RCCD . Lou Tisch is your new webmaster
and I thank Noel for all he has done for the club as well as designing and maintaining a great website.

New Webmaster, Lou Tisch, up and running ,,, a step at a time.

Picture supplied by Don Veres .


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